About Us

Welcome to Sheisin, a fashion heaven where style and innovation converge, founded by the dynamic sisters Akanksha Gupta and Roshni Gupta. With a shared passion for redefining fashion in the digital era, these young entrepreneurs studied design together, laying the foundation for a brand that celebrates individuality.

Akanksha, a design maven, and Roshni, a tech visionary, seamlessly blend their expertise to curate collections that reflect both timeless elegance and contemporary flair. Sisters not just by blood but also in business, their bond goes beyond co-founding Sheisin, it's a journey inspired by a shared dream of bringing about a positive change in the world of fashion.

From their early days of studying design side by side, Akanksha and Roshni have translated their creative synergy into a lifestyle brand that embraces the spirit of self-expression through fashion. Join us on this inspiring journey where innovation meets elegance, and youthful visionaries redefine the possibilities of fashion at Sheisin where fashion meets the future.